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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Encounter with Anglian and Everest

If you want double-glazing the two biggies Anglian and Everest head the list. Really easy to get an appointment via website.
Anglian calls back and swamps me with money off voucher. Great, because all the prices are already half price. "Half price of what?" I ask. "Of our standard price", I get the answer. I can't find any prices on the website.
"Do you live alone?", asks the lady of Anglian. "Why do you want to know?", I ask back. They want to have all the decision makers at the table, she explains to me. "We don't want to lose time by coming twice." I am only asking for an estimate. Anglian actually does not show up at all.
But the Everest man comes. He measures everything and is ready to give me a challenging price. He looks suspiciously at boyfriend who is sitting in the lounge and does not get up to join us. Everest man opens up the catalog and starts prep talk. Unfortunately he is half an hour late and I have to tell him to send estimate via mail. I never hear from him again.
Other people get pursued by Anglian and Everest. The easiest to get rid of them is to tell them you want to compare. 

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