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Saturday, 2 March 2013

OH! NOOO! Planning Permission!

Why did I ask? I blame my job. Writing is such a lonely job. You start browsing the web. Feed some comments in a shallow article. And just out of pure boredom and also because you want to reach out for somebody you send of a little mail asking if you need planning permission. Planning permission to insulate an end of terrace wall that nobody sees but your neighbour. This is what loneliness does to you.
I totally forgot about this mail. But suddenly after four weeks the answer comes back.

Council tells me that I need a planning permission to cover my outside wall with something else than brick. Permission - if it will be granted - will take six weeks and cost 170 pounds. I could heat my house with this money.
While I am writing this I am looking at all the extension that don't need any permission at all. One of them is as big as three houses. The owner calls it a garden shed.

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